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"The well-established RubberSideDown anchored the night with a Gibson-wielding classic rock-infused style that is suited to Betty's intimate environment but would fill every inch of an arena.."
-- SF Weekly, Michael Cash (see complete article)

"Music: ...we can't help but beam when local boys make good. So we were happy to test drive the latest release from homegrown heroes RubberSideDown, the aptly titled, Powder Keg Logic. Take a heaping dose of Van Halen-esque epic arena-rock, slather it over with sweaty, shredding Slash-style guitar riffs, add a dash of Bon Jovi-ish sensibility on the ballads, and voila!

Drumming: Paul Batres knows the name of the game here - build it up strong and keep it moving all night long. Check out the snare intro on "Beautiful Mess", the light touches on "Home", and the raw, rhythmic power behind the surefire fist-pumper, "Electric". And who doesn't like an album that leads off with cowbell?

Verdict: Pure classic rock - top shelf - served straight up, no chaser. "
-- Drum Magazine

"OK, these guys are about 10 minutes from hitting it really big. Their sound is sophisticated and smooth with touches of sarcasm. Musically rooted in classic rock with finishing touches in ultra-modern song writing and polished production. Hey, it works."
-- Victoria Joyce, Sugarbuzz Magazine
(see complete review)

Live show review from Viper Room, Hollywood, March 13, 2006
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"Not many bands can make Velvet Revolver look like a 'Chenille Popgun,' but RubberSideDown offers a bit more bang for your buck. Often tossed into an L.A. rock genre that is heavily rooted in ripped denim, red bandanas and Jack Daniels, RubberSideDown offers ZeroFighter. Full of guitar solos laden with southern twang, crashing cymbals and thunderous bass lines, ZeroFighter takes us back to the rock future.

In a music market saturated with indie this, pop that, RubberSideDown strives to be different and gets back to the sort of rock seduction that makes Van Halen, AC/DC and Aerosmith so appealing. On "Get Real" vocalist Kevin Casey flips the proverbial bird right on cue: "I don't want to be like you / I can see through your cheap facade."

Truthfully, this glam/rock sound is hard to come by. Cherish it before it fades like your acid washed denim."
-JJ, Owl Magazine, May 2005(see complete review)

"RubberSideDown, an upwardly mobile San Francisco band that sounds ready for arenas."
-- San Jose Mercury News

"With melodic, guitar-driven songs and insightful lyrics tinged with pain, highlights of American Romantic include the lovesick 'Echoes of London'....the desperate 'Where'd You Go'.... and the resilient 'Broken'.....sensual bass lines, penetrating guitars..."
-- Metro Active

"....alt songs flavored with early Brit punk, psychedelic kicks, grinding grooves, and yes, scorching guitar....This is a smart, cohesive, professional rock band. And they've got the right vocalist. Listening to Kevin Casey sing, you'd think Bono got restless, crashed a Matchbox 20 show, shoved Rob Thomas aside, and took over. It's a rock radio-ready voice with an alluring rough edge.....Their live shows must be fun."
-- complete review)

"From the first blam of the guitars, and the hit of the drums on the opening song, 'Black Mountain.Road', this band got my attention....(lead singer and rhythm guitar player Kevin) Casey possesses that rare blend of bad boy appeal mixed with genuine enthusiasm for his music, his band and his especially his audience that spells rock star. He's not a poser. Bowie, Stephen Tyler and Jon Bon Jovi still have it, Michael Hutchense from INXS, (who Casey is reminiscent of vocally) had it in spades, and Casey clearly had that intangible torch in his grasp. So I stuck around. And the songs pulled me in.."
-- Kimberlye Gold, GrapevineCulture, live show review
(see complete review)

"The EP demonstrates that they have the riffs and lyrics to take them all the way to VH1. The basics of the rhythm- section provide a solid sonic backdrop for the romantic ruminations of singer Kevin Casey."
-- Bay Area Buzz Magazine

Jeff of RubberSideDown
photos by Jen Cash

Kevin Casey Michael Scott

photo (above) by Clody Cates